Potential effect modifiers for treatment with chiropractic manipulation versus sham manipulation for recurrent headaches in children aged 7–14 years: development of and results from a secondary analys

July 13, 2023

The average change in number of days with headache from baseline was − 0.813 in the chiropractic manipulation group and − 0.406 in the sham manipulation group, i.e., chiropractic manipulation decreased the number of days with headache on average by 0.41. The average numbers were 2.62 and 3.24 for the chiropractic manipulation group and the sham group respectively, i.e., the chiropractic manipulation improved the GPE on average by 0.62 [12]. For the confirmative part, the identified potential effect modifiers led to a series of candidate variables based on the baseline data available. Previous trauma (particularly to the neck) may have affected the spine and acted as precursors for a mechanical dysfunction where chiropractic manipulation treatment is indicated. Chiropractic manipulation treatment will benefit, as many other types of treatment, from a healthy lifestyle of the patient.

The source of this news is from BioMed Central