Prince Harry settles a tabloid phone hacking claim and says his mission to tame the media continues

February 10, 2024

LONDON (AP) — Prince Harry said Friday that his “mission” to rein in the British media continues, after he accepted costs and damages from a tabloid publisher that invaded his privacy with phone hacking and other illegal snooping. Harry still has ongoing cases against the publishers of The Sun and the Daily Mail over allegations of unlawful snooping. At Friday’s hearing, the judge ordered Mirror Group to pay some of the legal costs for three other claimants whose cases were heard alongside Harry’s. Mirror Group Newspapers said it has paid more than 100 million pounds ($127 million) in phone hacking lawsuits over the years, but denied wrongdoing in Harry’s case. Harry lashed out at former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, who denies knowing about phone hacking when he was at the paper.