Pro-Palestinian protests ‘making London no-go zone for Jews’

March 08, 2024

Mr Simcox said the “permissive environment for radicalisation” developing in the UK meant that activities such as pro-Palestinian protests, which he said leave parts of the capital off-limits to Jews, had become “normalised”. “And we will not have become an authoritarian state if London is no longer permitted to be turned into a no-go zone for Jews every weekend. However, Mr Simcox said extremist groups could be shut down or curbed by ministers and regulatory agencies such as the Charities Commission, Ofcom or the Department for Education, but had not been. “Government has more power to tackle extremism than it sometimes thinks,” he said. Suella Braverman, the former home secretary, invoked similar language to Mr Simcox last week as she urged Mr Sunak to introduce emergency laws to tackle extremism.