Proliferating 'news' sites spew AI-generated fake stories

March 11, 2024

A sensational story about the Israeli prime minister's "psychiatrist" exploded online, but it was AI-generated, originating on one of hundreds of websites researchers warn are churning out tech-enabled fiction masquerading as news. A "substantial portion" of the site's content, including this article, appears to be scraped from mainstream sources using AI tools, according to an analysis by NewsGuard, a US-based research organization that tracks misinformation. "The exponential growth in AI-generated news and information sources is alarming because these sites can be perceived by the average user as legitimate, trustworthy sources of information," Sadeghi told AFP. NewsGuard has identified at least 739 AI-generated "news" sites spanning multiple languages that operate with little to no human oversight and come with generic names such as "Ireland Top News." The AI-generated content populating websites such as DC Weekly helps "to create a sort of camouflage" that lends more credibility to their false stories penned by humans, Linvill told AFP.