Putin, Kim Jong Un Portraits Pop Up at West Bank Protest Over Israel as Russia Says It’s in Talks with Hamas on Hostages

October 20, 2023

Palestinian protestors in the West Bank waved Russian and Hamas flags and carried portraits of Russia's President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to express their fury about Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip and U.S. support for Israel. Putin cropped up as Russia told Israel it was negotiating with Hamas for the return of some hostages. Protesters took to the streets of Hebron to show solidarity with the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. On Thursday, Russia's foreign minister proposed regular security talks with North Korea and China to deal with what he described as increasing U.S.-led regional military threats, as he met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his top diplomat in Pyongyang. Meanwhile, an Israeli border police officer was killed during a military raid into a refugee camp in the northern West Bank, the police and border guards said in a joint statement.