Rabbi Thau calls on followers to 'wage war’ on Israel's LGBT community

August 07, 2023

Left-wing activist Yair ("Yaya") Fink filed a police complaint on Monday after the head of Yeshiva Har Hamor, Rabbi Zvi Thau, called on his followers to “wage war" against “postmodernism” and LGBT people which he called a "crime against humanity." Another affiliate of the Noam Party, Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner, the head of the hesder yeshiva in Mitzpe Ramon, was filmed last year telling students “This is the battle that I tell everyone, each one in his place. When a leading rabbi in the community calls on his followers to take action, the action may be taken. The Agudah added that it had filed a police complaint against Thau, saying the rabbi was inciting violence with his comments. According to the Agudah - The Association for LGBT Equality in Israel, in March there was a four-fold increase in LGBT-phobic incidents compared to last March.

The source of this news is from https://www.jpost.com/breaking-news/article-753928