Republicans rally around conservatives who lost their elections

February 04, 2023

© David Blakeman for The Washington Post Kari Lake, former Republican nominee for Arizona governor, at a rally at the Orange Tree Golf Resort in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Sunday. Trump called into the rally, declaring that Lake would ultimately prove “victorious” in her attempts to overturn the election results. In Arizona, Lake has transformed her campaign for governor into a campaign against the democratic systems she baselessly claims rigged the 2022 election against her. Goldwater, who hailed from the far-right wing of his party, lost in a landslide, carrying just six states — but many of his ideas ultimately helped revolutionize his party and he is considered a founder of modern American conservatism. So, too, has Republican Blake Masters, who lost his 2020 Arizona Senate bid — though Masters is mulling another attempt at a Senate seat in 2024.