Revealed: far-right figures try to create white nationalist ‘haven’ in Kentucky

January 20, 2024

A venture fund and a real estate startup – both with links to far-right organizations – are promoting a residential development in rural Kentucky as a haven for fellow rightwingers. Kentucky Ridgerunner, meanwhile, is an LLC founded in 2022 with Abbotoy at its head according to Kentucky company records. Abbotoy’s father, Mark, a real estate appraiser based in Hartsville, Tennessee, is named as managing partner on the Ridgerunner website, and Lazar Lazarovski, a Nashville-based tech entrepreneur and realtor, is marketing director. The offering on the website comprises 17 lots, mostly 3-5 acres with four premium lots of between around 93 and 126 acres. There, Kentucky Ridgerunner paid almost $1.03m n to a pastoral land company for 170 acres.