Rise of the robots: UN tries to tackle 'mind-blowing' growth of AI

July 06, 2023

Geneva (AFP) – The mind-blowing growth of artificial intelligence poses many questions that have no answers yet, the United Nations admitted Thursday at its AI summit, attended by some exceptionally life-like humanoid robots. AI robot singer Desdemona performs with the Jam Galaxy Band, who interact with her lyrics © Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP"Many of our questions that we have on AI have no answers yet. The Jam Galaxy Band features humanoid robot Desdemona -- Desi to her friends -- on lead vocals. AI robot frontwoman 'Desdemona' performed with the Jam Galaxy Band at the AI for Good Global Summit © Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP"It's pretty amazing. "The most interesting person I have met at the AI for Good Global Summit is Professor Nadia Thalmann.