Ron DeSantis fires roughly a dozen staffers in a campaign shake-up

July 17, 2023

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign has fired roughly a dozen staffers — and more dismissals are expected in the coming weeks as he shakes up his big-money political operations after less than two months on the campaign trail. People warned the campaign manager, but she wanted to hear none of it.”The donor said: “DeSantis stock isn’t rising. DeSantis’ campaign listed 92 people as being on the payroll for at least some period during its first fundraising period, according to campaign finance reports filed Saturday with the Federal Election Commission. The memo indicated that there would be a heavy focus on early states where, DeSantis advisers think, Trump’s supporters can be won over. For some supporters, though, there are now three keys to DeSantis’ remaining viable: Iowa, Iowa, Iowa.