Ryanair flight fight chaos as 7 people in mass mid-air brawl forcing it to divert

January 20, 2024

A Ryanair flight from the UK to the Canary Islands was diverted to Portugal's Faro airport due to an on-board fight involving seven passengers, resulting in one arrestA flight was thrown into chaos and forced to divert after a mass mid-air brawl involving seven people broke out on the plane. The plane was heading from the UK to the Canary Islands and had to divert to Portugal. Portuguese police sources said seven passengers had been involved in an altercation and one person had been arrested. It was diverted to Faro instead and touched down at the airport in Portugal’s Algarve region at around 10.50am local time. Last month three Ryanair planes from the UK had to divert to Faro for different reasons.