SAG-AFTRA Strike Could Hinge On AI; Deep Divisions Remain Between Actors & Studios In Final Hours Of Talks

July 11, 2023

As talks between the actors union and the studios come to down to the final days before the extension of SAG-AFTRA’s current contract expires, artificial intelligence has become a significant obstacle to any deal. “There seems to be no real negotiations here,” a SAG-AFTRA member close to talks tells Deadline on AI talks with the AMPTP. With divisions over AI and issues like residuals running deep in the talks, it appears quite likely at this point that SAG-AFTRA’s members could be on strike by the morning of July 13. According to sources, Crabtree-Ireland and other top SAG-AFTRA leaders sounded pretty certain during the call that there would be a strike. In the nearly hourlong exchange, the SAG-AFTRA leaders said the guild is prepared to sanction any members who do not follow the strict strike guidelines.