Scientists announce discovery of 'very strange' 240 million-year-old 'Chinese dragon' fossil

February 23, 2024

LONDON -- Scientists in Scotland have revealed a remarkable discovery of a "very strange" 240 million-year-old "Chinese dragon" fossil. The international team from National Museums Scotland revealed their discovery -- found in Guizhou Province in southern China -- of the Dinocephalosaurus orientalis, a 5-meter-long aquatic reptile from the Triassic period dating back an estimated 240 million years. Dinocephalosaurus orientalis swimming alongside some prehistoric fish known as Saurichthys. National Museums Scotland / Marlene DonellyScientists say the reptile was "clearly very well adapted to an oceanic lifestyle," as indicated by the flippered limbs and "exquisitely preserved" fishes in its stomach region. Dinocephalosaurus orientalis.