‘Secret camouflage’ clothing is being created to keep people hidden from ‘creepy’ facial recognition AI

March 28, 2023

Instead of trying to evade a human foe, people are buying 'secret camouflage' clothing to hide from facial recognition technology. 1 One brand, called Cap_able, uses bizarre patterns and colours to confuse facial recognition cameras Credit: Cap_ableFacial recognition technology has punctured the public sphere so much, that for most, it doesn't feel like an invasion of privacy. These days, live-feed CCTV cameras are fitted with live facial recognition (LFR) software which detects individual human faces. Facial recognition technology uses AI to gather biometric data, which is when physical attributes are used to confirm a persons identity. A government spokesperson told The Sun: “All organisations in the UK which process personal data, including biometric data, have to comply with the requirements of the UK’s data protection legislation.