Shane Smith made more than $100 million from Vice

March 21, 2023

After Vice raised $500 million in 2014, its CEO and co-founder Shane Smith remarked to a friend that he’d become “post-economic.”Brash, decadent, and charming, Smith was the burly, bearded face of Vice Media through its decade of apparent prosperity, from the late aughts until the late 2010s. And close watchers of the company continue to wonder: Where has Smith, who remains Vice’s executive chairman, gone? The company remains tight-lipped on Smith’s role and his personal gains. In previous years, Vice threw wild parties featuring baby goats, pop-up roller rinks, and wild concerts with A-List rappers. But Smith himself was nearby: One person there told Semafor that they’d seen him in Austin, playing cards at the SoHo House.