Study describes the scope and integration of music therapy program within UH medical centers

July 16, 2023

A new study from University Hospitals (UH) Connor Whole Health describes the scope and integration of their music therapy program within10 UH medical centers. The study, entitled "Effectiveness of Medical Music Therapy Practice: Integrative Research using the Electronic Health Record (EMMPIRE): Rationale, Design, and Population Characteristics" is the largest such observational study of medical music therapy practice to date. This study builds upon a 30-year history of seminal music therapy studies at UH funded by the Kulas Foundation, the country's leading private foundation for funding scientific research in music therapy. Kulas has funded studies at UH studying the efficacy of music therapy in palliative care, surgery, and sickle cell disease. The findings from the current study serve as the foundation for the EMMPIRE study led by researchers at UH Connor Whole Health.

The source of this news is from Medical News