Supporting final-year students to progress in sports chiropractic

April 28, 2023

BCA President and Vice President, Catherine Quinn and Tim Button, were delighted to visit the chiropractic program at London South Bank University (LSBU), earlier this week. During their visit, Catherine and Tim spoke to the students about the realities of being a sports chiropractor and how they can seek to progress in this special interest. During the trip, Catherine and Tim were also pleased to present the LSBU team with a plaque, commemorating the opening of their chiropractic clinic, earlier this year. The LSBU clinic serves the local community of Croydon and features first class facilities for the students to provide care and support the wellbeing of their patients. Congratulations to the entire LSBU teaching faculty on the progress being made to enhance and widen access to the chiropractic profession.

The source of this news is from British Chiropractic Association