Survivors of kibbutz attack turn their ire on Netanyahu

October 19, 2023

Now both in Belgium, they vented their frustration over what they saw as abandonment by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s divisive right-wing government, whose hostile policy toward Palestinians is accused of undermining Israel’s security. In a separate safe room, Cherry, her husband Oren and their three children barricaded the door as best they could with a cupboard and chair. I’ll never forget.”“With the Netanyahu government, I will take them out of the Knesset [parliament] myself, with my own hands, I will do that. Poterman highlighted the antagonism of Netanyahu toward Palestinians — the prime minister is allied with far-right parties and his national security minister has convictions for anti-Arab racism. Two days before the attack, Poterman complained a man from the Religious Zionist Party, HaTzionut HaDatit, constructed a hut in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.