‘Team Trump Ought To Be Concerned’: Karl Rove Cautions Former President Following Super Tuesday Victories

March 06, 2024

Fox News contributor Karl Rove warned former President Donald Trump’s campaign that it “ought to be concerned about unifying the Republican Party” on Tuesday after Trump defeated Nikki Haley in a dozen primaries across the country. He did well in Iowa with his victory statement, unifying, humble, gracious. Not so good in New Hampshire, and tonight is going to be the big night and he’s gonna set an important tone for either a unified Republican Party or a divided Republican Party. As of reporting, Trump has either won or is projected to win in 12 state primaries across the country, while Haley is projected to narrowly defeat Trump in Vermont. Reporting from outside Haley’s Charleston headquarters on Tuesday evening, NBC News correspondent Ali Vitali likened the “jubilant” atmosphere in Haley’s campaign to “dancing on the deck of the Titanic.”Watch above via Fox News.