The effect of lumbar spinal manipulation on biomechanical factors and perceived transient pain during prolonged sitting: a laboratory-controlled cross-sectional study - Chiropractic & Manual Therapies

December 30, 2022

This conclusion is supported by the lack of significant differences found for perceived pain between each of the sitting blocks. While most studies have identified a change in muscle activity following a high-velocity, low-amplitude manipulation, both increases and decreases have been cited [10]. Effects of the HVLA maneuver on muscle activity were also evident in muscle activity gap numbers. LimitationsThis study represents the first investigation on the effect of spinal manipulation on biomechanical factors and perceived pain in prolonged office sitting. Spinal manipulation is a therapy that is used to treat biomechanical lesions such as motion segment hypomobility, pain and muscle spasm [67].

The source of this news is from BioMed Central