The Squatters of Beverly Hills

March 12, 2024

After a few weeks, the producer called the real-estate agent on the listing for the empty mansion, 1316 Beverly Grove Place. Before the crisis at 1316, Beverly Grove Place was friendly if not exactly tight-knit. Invitations — beamed out to their network in the electronic-dance-music scene — described the location as a “secret Beverly Hills mansion.” The idea seemed to be to re-create Burning Man in Beverly Hills. “Boasting an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness centre, a garden and a shared lounge, Beverly Hills Lodge is situated in the Beverly Hills district of Los Angeles, only 8.2 km from Petersen Automotive Museum,” read the description. “Beverly Hills mansion neighboring LeBron James’s dream home is overtaken by ‘squatters’ hosting nightly raucous raves and charging $75 entry,” it reads, severely underreporting the admission price.