The Supreme Court Just Gave Democrats a New 2024 Rallying Cry

July 02, 2023

(Bloomberg) -- Before last year’s midterms, the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the right to an abortion galvanized Democrats. Biden spent the week painting the Supreme Court as squarely outside the mainstream — while pointing the finger at the Republicans he’ll run against in 2024. ‘Front-and-Center’The defiant tone Biden struck in two hastily planned addresses this week illustrated how he is pivoting toward more direct political engagement over the Supreme Court. We’ll use every tool at our disposal.”“It is becoming increasingly impossible for the Supreme Court not to be a front-and-center voting issue for progressives going into the next election,” Belcher said. Shaping the CourtRobin Lucas, 33, was one of dozens of protesters in front of the Supreme Court on Friday.