The U.S. Faces Risks Ancient Rome Faced in Caesar’s Day

March 23, 2024

On Jan. 10, 49 B.C., Julius Caesar marched across the Rubicon river into Italy, launching a civil war against the Roman Republic. [time-brightcove not-tgx=”true”]Over his early career, Caesar had shown little respect for the law and constitutional norms, but neither had his conservative opponents. Read More: A Warning for Today’s Super Rich From Ancient Rome’s Wealthiest ManIn the late Roman Republic, the aristocracy claimed to uphold constitutional tradition, repeatedly clashing with populists advocating for the poor. Though the Roman Republic is a worrying precedent, there is one key difference between it and modern America. Pompey, Caesar, and their rivals were almost all experienced generals who ransacked the Mediterranean, winning armies’ personal loyalty with distributions of land and booty.

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