The World Health Organisation endorses evidence-informed, people-centred, integrated approach to MSK healthcare

December 09, 2023

We are pleased to bring you some huge news for the chiropractic profession and the wider MSK community. The Guideline Development Group included chiropractors and received evidence commissioned by WHO, from sources including the World Federation of Chiropractic’s Research Committee Chair, Dr Sidney Rubinstein, who led three of the systematic reviews informing the guideline recommendations. Structured and standardised education and advice were also part of the key management recommendations, as was cognitive behavioural therapy. TENS, therapeutic ultrasound, traction and lumbar braces/supports were all found not to be of value , with recommendations against their use. Image Source: World Health OrganisationInformation Source: World Federation of Chiropractic

The source of this news is from British Chiropractic Association