These are the 10 best states in the U.S. for a long, healthy life—California didn't make the top 5

April 02, 2023

We already know that lifestyle choices can help influence how long you live. 40 for life expectancy when compared to other countries, according to the World Health Organization. With America's advanced healthcare system in mind, an average life expectancy of 78.5 years, prior to Covid-19, was pretty low. But there are some states where residents have a better chance at living longer lives, and it may be due, in large part, to their healthy lifestyles. Life Extension, a company that aims to "extend the healthy human lifespan," compiled federal data to determine the best states for longevity based on life expectancy at birth and eight lifestyle factors:ExerciseHealthy dietHealthy weightSleep qualityStress levelsSocial isolationProximity to parksAmount that people spend on outdoor recreationStates ranked high not only because of long life expectancies, but also if their residents live a healthy lifestyle.