This time, every Jew is with George Soros

May 22, 2023

The very same mixture has animated the life of financial wiz George Soros. A PROTESTER holds a placard against George Soros outside Manhattan Criminal Court, after a message on former US president Donald Trump’s Truth Social account called on supporters to protest, last month. Unfortunately, Soros has just been attacked by a major personality in a way that is reminiscent of the antisemitism Rathenau faced in his life, and calls for every Jew to stand by Soros. Eager to better the world, Soros began deploying his fortune to advance freedom and prosperity throughout the world. Antisemitism against Soros cannot be tolerated from anyoneUltimately, Soros headed a multibillion-dollar effort so vast that at one point he was the world’s second-largest foreign-aid provider, just after Japan, and ahead of (!)