Thousands of migrants pour in as extraordinary stand-off erupts between Federal Border Patrol and local forces who don't trust Biden's White House to keep out the masses: TOM LEONARD sees troubling ec

January 30, 2024

They can legally remain and work in the U.S. until their application is decided — a process that often takes years. He has barred entry by Border Patrol officers despite the federal agency being tasked with policing the border. Although state police currently arrest adults for trespass — families are spared as the children cannot be arrested — they still have to hand them to Border Patrol agents. 'This creates a potentially dangerous situation where the Border Patrol is facing off against armed National Guard troops, and if someone does something stupid, there could be an unfortunate confrontation.' The White House counters that Abbott is 'politicising the border', 'demonising and dehumanising' migrants, and making it 'harder and more dangerous for Border Patrol to do their jobs'.