Trump calls 'racist' New York AG Letitia James a 'monster' and doubles down on Mar-a-Lago being worth '100 times' more than she has claimed as he prepares to appear in court for a second day

October 03, 2023

On Tuesday he railed against AG Letitia James for valuing assets 'crazily low'Former President Donald Trump heaped more attacks on New York AG Letitia James Tuesday, calling her 'racist' and a 'Monster' and once again blasting property valuations for his Florida club – now claiming its value could approach $2 billion. Trump said it had been 'agreed in Court' that his Florida private club is worth '50 to 100 times' what James included in her lawsuit. Former president Donald Trump headed back to court Tuesday morning in New York. Trump said outside the courtroom Tuesday the value was 'closer to $1.5 billion' and called for James' case against him to be dismissed. Sitting in court Trump will have to listen as prosecutors essentially call into question his entire image, that of a self made billionaire who rose to become Leader of the Free World.