Trump claims he has $500 million in cash, undercutting lawyers' claims on bond money

March 23, 2024

Former President Donald Trump claimed early Friday that he has "almost" $500 million in cash, undercutting his lawyers' claims that he would not be able to comply with the $464 million judgment against him and his co-defendants in the civil fraud case brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Trump hasn’t contributed any of his own money to his presidential campaigns since 2016. His lawyers, who have appealed the judgment, said in a court filing Monday that he has been unable to secure a bond to meet it. Trump is liable for $454 million, most of the fraud judgment, but the amount he owes has been increasing by more than $111,000 a day because of added interest. Trump has valued his brand at over $10 billion, but a 2021 financial statement put his net worth a $4.5 billion.