Trump gears up to take the stand as E. Jean Carroll’s NYC defamation case continues

January 22, 2024

By Wednesday, the GOP front-runner in the race for the White House was defaming Carroll in front of the jury. If Trump follows through on his plans to testify, Carroll’s lawyers are concerned he’ll break the rules, as he can’t defend himself against any of the proven sex abuse and defamation allegations. Trump attorney Alina Habba pointed to a handful of tweets disbelieving Carroll in the hours between the magazine story going live and Trump reacting to it with venom. In her opening, she told jurors Carroll was “now more famous than she has ever been in her life, and loved and respected by many, which was her goal.”On cross-examination, Carroll told Habba she didn’t see it that way. The 77-year-old is facing 91 felonies in four criminal matters and a slew of lawsuits as his poll numbers continue to climb.