Trump slurs words while speaking about death penalty

January 24, 2024

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump spoke during a campaign event in Laconia, New Hampshire, on Monday (Picture: AP)Ex-President Donald Trump was called out for slurring his words while speaking on his campaign objective to mandate the death penalty for drug dealers. Trump seemed to talk in a partially incoherent way about the death penalty at a rally in Laconia, New Hampshire, on the even of the state’s presidential primary. We can’t do anything, we are an institute in a powerful death penalty. ‘We have to bring in the death penalty if we want to stop the infestation of drugs coming into our country,’ Trump said. Each is dealer is responsible for the death, during their lives, of 500 people or more.’Trump concluded that ‘we must institute the death penalty’ and that ‘it’s actually an act of kindness’.