Trump’s Threat of a Third-Party Run Is Undercut by ‘Sore Loser’ Laws

March 06, 2023

(Bloomberg) -- Donald Trump hates losing so much that he has suggested he will mount a third-party campaign if he doesn’t win the Republican presidential nomination. Most Read from BloombergBut he can’t win that way either, thanks to “sore loser” laws in six states he would need to return to the White House. Sore-loser laws would keep Trump’s name from even appearing on the ballot, although voters could still write him in. Read more: Trump Vows to ‘Finish’ Mission, Cements Dominance Over CPACAsked about the risk of an independent run splitting the GOP vote, a Trump campaign spokesperson stated simply that he would win the Republican primary. Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who launched her campaign in mid-February, and other potential contenders remain in single digits.