Tucker Carlson Called Trump ‘A Demonic Force’ and ‘A Destroyer’ on Day of Capitol Riot, Newly-Released Text Shows

February 17, 2023

On the night of Jan. 6, 2021, Fox News host Tucker Carlson referred to then-President Donald Trump as “a demonic force” in a text to his producer after Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol that day. At issue are claims Fox News hosts and guests made shortly after the 2020 presidential election. Two days after the 2020 election with the result yet to be determined, Carlson fumed via text about Fox News calling Arizona for Joe Biden. Carlson wrote his producer Alex Pfeiffer on November 5: “We worked really hard to build what we have. Late on January 6, Carlson texted with Pfeiffer that Trump is “a demonic force, a destroyer.