Tucker Carlson Duped By YouTubers Into Interviewing Fake Kate Middleton Whistleblower

March 16, 2024

Tucker Carlson has been pranked over Kate Middleton‘s infamous edited photo. The former Fox News anchor was duped by British YouTubers Josh & Archie into interviewing a fake Kensington Palace whistleblower, who was prepared to dish the dirt on the doctored image. The Tucker Carlson Network, which streams on Twitter (now X), accepted his story after Manners and co-conspirator Josh Pieters forged Kensington Palace employment documents. We Pranked Tucker Carlson… pic.twitter.com/pGceMRn26t — Josh Pieters (@joshua_pieters) March 14, 2024In the YouTubers’ video, Carlson is seen introducing his guest with the line: “We’ve done our best to verify that your identity is what you say it is. Previous pranks include tricking Carole Baskin into an interview and giving free-speech firebrand Katie Hopkins a fake award.