Tucker Carlson Is Vladimir Putin's Useful Idiot In Sycophantic Interview

February 09, 2024

Tucker Carlson‘s just-released interview with Vladimir Putin shows the former Fox News host has left shameless behind for pure sycophancy. On the handful of occasions when Carlson actually did try to get a word or a question in, Putin knocks him down faster than a shot of vodka at a wedding banquet. “We haven’t achieved our aims yet, because one of them is de-Nazification,” Putin told Carlson in language aimed at the domestic audience (and bending history). Whether or not the Kremlin actually had final cut over this pre-recorded interview or not, they needn’t have worried. In that sense, Carlson may be thankful to the DOJ’s damning report today on the probe into Joe Biden’s use of classified documents while out of office; It pulled attention from Carlson’s embarrassing Putin interview.