Twitter Files Journo Matt Taibbi Ditches Twitter Over Latest Musk Move – But Leaving ‘Will Come With a Price’

April 09, 2023

Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi announced on Friday that he is leaving the app over the latest move under Elon Musk’s leadership, and the reporter suggested the company intends to punish him for the decision as pertains to future Twitter Files releases. One of the conditions of being given access to Twitter Files materials was that the reporters involved would have to create Twitter threads in order to release the information. Under the email subject line “The Craziest Friday Ever” and subheading “On staying at Substack, and leaving Twitter, I guess” he wrote:Earlier this afternoon, I learned Substack links were being blocked on Twitter. It turns out Twitter is upset about the new Substack Notes feature, which they see as a hostile rival. Beginning early next week I’ll be using the new Substack Notes feature (to which you’ll all have access) instead of Twitter, a decision that apparently will come with a price as far as any future Twitter Files reports are concerned.