Tycoon's 'unvaxxed sperm' auction taps into conspiracies

April 01, 2023

Washington (AFP) – A fugitive Chinese billionaire plans to auction "unvaccinated sperm" on an online platform rife with misinformation -- a sale that vaccine skeptics bill optimistically as a chance to buy the "next Bitcoin." "Sperm and eggs from our fellow fighters will be auctioned on our Gettr platform between June 1 and June 6," Guo said in a livestream in February. In his livestream, Guo vowed to make struggling Gettr the first global platform to trade sperm and eggs from unvaccinated people. "The real money is in unvaccinated sperm," said a post on Gettr. In another sign of interest, "unvaccinated sperm available" mugs and t-shirts have gone on sale on Amazon and eBay.