US TV's Judge Judy courts Nikki Haley fans ahead of key vote

January 22, 2024

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley embraces TV's Judge Judy, at a campaign event in Exeter, New Hampshire, on January 21, 2024 (Joseph Prezioso)Television's Judge Judy Sheindlin delivered her verdict Sunday on White House hopeful Nikki Haley ahead of New Hampshire's make-or-break US Republican primary vote -- calling her "the real deal." Haley is the last standing rival to front-runner Donald Trump in the race to secure the party's nomination to challenge President Joe Biden in November's election. "It's time for Nikki Haley. I do know people and this woman is the real deal," the 81-year-old Sheindlin told a crowd of Haley supporters. The family court judge's rise to stardom as the host of "Judge Judy" began in 1996 and it became US television's most-watched courtroom series as it ran for 25 seasons, finally coming to an end in 2021.ft/st