Vanterpool Responds to FCLB's Motion for Summary Judgement: Chiropractic Summit at Heart of the Case

October 31, 2023

CLICK HERE to read the ResponseThe Centerpiece: Vanterpool's Attempt to Attend the Chiropractic Summit MeetingThe core issue in this case revolves around Keita Vanterpool's attempt to attend the Chiropractic Summit Meeting. - Discrepancy in Sanctions: Vanterpool highlights the inconsistency in the disciplinary actions taken against FCLB board members. A crucial question looms large in this case: Why did Boghosian and Winkler oppose Vanterpool's participation in the Chiropractic Summit? ConclusionKeita Vanterpool's case offers a glimpse into the complex web of influence, money, and secrecy that characterizes the chiropractic cartel. CLICK HERE for more on the Vanterpool case

The source of this news is from Chronicle of Chiropractic