Video of man wearing Apple Vision Pro prompts reminder from police to ‘cross streets the old-fashioned way’

February 20, 2024

The Apple Vision Pro augmented reality headset has become one of the most talked-about gadgets around, but police are warning users to continue to cross the street the old-fashioned way. The original video was shot by event producer Michael Ciccone, posted to his Instagram account and shared by the San Diego Humor account, where it has generated almost 12,000 likes so far. The statement continued: "Keep those virtual experiences on the sidewalk, folks, and let’s cross streets the old-fashioned way — with our eyes wide open to the real world, unobstructed and without distractions!" Later Monday, San Diego Humor posted video shot from the point of view of the man wearing the Apple headset — San Diego resident Vlad Kislov — showing that he was accessing a music menu to change a song while walking across the street. The $3,500 headset allows users to see a variety of apps and content while interacting with the real world.