Video shows open-air prostitution in yet another NYC neighborhood as hookers stroll in broad daylight

August 06, 2023

2,” was shot at 7 a.m. on July 28 along Stanley Avenue near Sheffield Avenue — and has already garnered 5,000 views. A woman wearing a see-through orange negligee and silver platform heels can be seen walking back and forth in front of a parked car next to a trash truck in an industrial block. Next, a woman wearing a see-through purple negligee and strappy high heels trips as she tries to talk to a potential client in a car as a woman wearing a tiny black teddy with a cut-out stomach watches from across the street. A prostitute in Brooklyn wears a blue negligee and walks near traffic. Youtube/@willyg5033A woman wearing an orange teddy and platform heels paces near a car at an East New York intersection.