Washington State Board Chair Folweiler Stated he was going to "Deal With" Chiropractors who are Anti-Vax & Anti-Mask

July 11, 2023

According to Facebook posts made by Washington State Chiropractic Quality Assurance Commission Chairman David Folweiler DC chiropractors who are "antivaxxers" make him "really angry" and chiropractors who are "anti-maskers" also "make me mad". According to sources, the Chiropractic Commission was made aware of Folweiler's posts at the time. In fact, there are still chiropractors in Washington State as of this writing undergoing investigation for allegedly failing to comply with mandates. Chiropractors, especially those in Washington State who were hauled before the Commission, are urged to discuss Folweiler's comments with their attorneys in regards to possible redress. CLICK HERE for related Washington story

The source of this news is from Chronicle of Chiropractic