‘We Want Trump!’ Watch Crowd Go Wild as DeSantis Literally Overshadowed By Trump at Iowa State Fair – With Planes

August 14, 2023

Donald Trump literally overshadowed Ron DeSantis — with planes – at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday, flying over the event and prompting the throngs of GOP voters to chant “we want Trump!” while the Florida governor was flipping burgers and trying to woo support. The Trump supporters cheering “we want Trump!” and “we love Trump!” to drown out the governor. Ron DeSantis walks through a crowd chanting “We love Trump” and “We want Trump” pic.twitter.com/IBjOWcEH1i — Lalee Ibssa (@LaleeIbssa) August 12, 2023AND THE CROWD GOES WILD: President Trump isn’t even on the ground in Iowa before overshadowing Ron DeSantis at the Iowa State Fair! pic.twitter.com/1bLET2C40y — Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) August 12, 2023It wasn’t the only fly-over disrupting the DeSantis campaign’s efforts. pic.twitter.com/yAX1J2tPwZ — Adam Wren (@adamwren) August 12, 2023Trump supporters just started chanting “we love Trump” as Gov.