WGA Strike Shuts Down ‘Billions’ Amid Skirmishes, Cries Of “Scabs” Outside NYC Studio; Teamsters Refuse To Cross Pickets At ‘American Horror Story’ Filming

May 06, 2023

Watch video from the scene here:The roughly four-hour shutdown of Billions today occurred after cast and crew members decided not to cross the WGA picket lines. Outside the parking lot, a WGA union organizer stood next to police officers in the middle of the street and said the marchers had the right to walk the curb. However, Teamsters did refuse to cross the picket line, we have confirmed. The crew member also asserted that actors on the show are entering through a studio back entrance, so they didn’t have to cross the WGA picket line set up at the main entrance. “This is the point of a picket line,” one protestor pleaded with a middle-age woman trying to steer a bin around him with help from a private security guard.