What YOUR music taste actually says about your personality, according to science

March 08, 2024

Meanwhile, people who listen to extreme heavy metal about violence are actually no more likely to be violent themselves (and in fact just find ‘joy’ in the music). So Marvin Gaye fans tend to be agreeable, like the public persona of the musician, where Ozzy Osbourne fans tend to be more obnoxious and ‘disagreeable’, the researchers say. A 1997 study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences found that men are more likely than women to enjoy music with ‘exaggerated’ bass. People who are more systematizing (ie less emotional) tend to prefer intense music including punk, heavy metal and hard rock. Violent music doesn’t mean you’re violentListening to violent music such as extreme heavy metal doesn’t mean people are violent - and instead, it’s a geeky hobby like battle re-enactments.