Where is Melania Trump? Donald's wife not by his side for vital primary elections

January 24, 2024

The Republican race has shrunk down to just Donald Trump and HaleyDonald Trump has come head to head with his last remaining opponent in a primary election in New Hampshire and soared to victory, but one person who was not by his side was his wife Melania. The 45th president of America’s face-off with Nikki Haley represents a chance for his Republican opponents to stop him from winning the party’s nomination. While Donald Trump appeared at polls, in a move dubbed a breach of the law by furious voters, the former first lady was not to be seen at the event, while his eldest daughter and former political advisor Ivanka Trump stayed silent on his victory. Melania's latest absence comes days after she thanked her supporters for the well-wishes that she and her family received since the passing of her mother Amalija Knavs. “We will cherish the beautiful memories of my beloved mother, and forever keep her light in our hearts.”READ MORE: Donald Trump ignores Melania anniversary but posts 46 times about abuse accuser