Why nonalcoholic beer beats regular beer after exercise

January 26, 2023

But for performance, recovery and health, nonalcoholic beer is likely to be a much better choice and can even be as good as or better than regular sports drinks. So, some researchers began to wonder whether nonalcoholic beer might be a better, more acceptable, and even advisable beverage for active people. Drinking the nonalcoholic beer "could help maintain electrolyte homeostasis during exercise," the researchers concluded. "After long and vigorous exercise bouts, nonalcoholic beer provides water, polyphenols and carbohydrates," he said, which together "will aid metabolic recovery." None of this research suggests, though, that exercisers should start glugging nonalcoholic beer if they do not enjoy the taste or worry that nonalcoholic beer now might encourage full-alcoholic beer intake later.