Wildest dream: Biden is eyeing a huge celebrity surrogate — Taylor Swift

January 29, 2024

Biden won young voters in 2020 by 20 percentage points but now is tied with Trump, as those voters continue to be pessimistic over Biden’s age, support for Israel, and the economy. To reach young voters, Biden’s campaign has focused heavily on social media, using videos from influencers and even those with a niche following to promote its message. However, the end game is to receive an endorsement from Swift, who has become influential both on and off the stage on social media. Swift endorsed Biden in 2020, and a single post on Instagram from the superstar last September led to 35,000 new voter registrations. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) encouraged Swift to engage with Biden’s campaign while speaking to reporters last year following her get-out-the-vote Instagram post.