With fake blood and screams, Gaza cease-fire protests are disrupting tiny Ojai

February 16, 2024

Ojai Police Chief Trina Newman speaks with activists who shut down an Ojai City Council meeting on Feb. 13. (Michael Owen Baker / For The Times)The Ojai City Council was listening to public comments on a mundane short-term rental ordinance when a scream pierced the air. Demonstrator Cyrus Mayer is dragged from an Ojai City Council meeting on Feb. 13. In the Ojai City Council chambers, one speaker held her cellphone up to the microphone, playing the recorded screams of a frightened child pleading for help as gunfire blasted nearby. Paramedics tend to Cyrus Mayer, who was dragged out of an Ojai City Council meeting after a "die-in" protest of the war in Gaza.