With Nate Silver Exiting, ABC News Finds Its Next Data Guru in G. Elliott Morris

May 20, 2023

On Friday ABC News president Kim Godwin told staff that G. Elliott Morris will soon join the organization as its editorial director of data analytics. “Elliott will lead our data journalism efforts for ABC News and FiveThirtyEight, including launching a full suite of poll-aggregation and election-forecasting models for U.S. elections to be used across broadcast, streaming and digital,” Godwin wrote. While ABC News kept the FiveThirtyEight brand after Nate Silver’s departure, Silver retained the rights to many of his data forecasting models. Good morning ABC News,I am pleased to share that G. Elliott Morris will be the editorial director of data analytics for ABC News, which includes FiveThirtyEight. From 2020 to 2023, he wrote a data column for the paper’s weekly “Checks and Balance” newsletter on U.S. politics.